Are you a board game player who loves to compete with family and friends? Do you love the exciting game of basketball?


Brainfit Games, LLC has the perfect game 



With Tip -Off Basketball you can improve your hand and eye coordination, answer basketball trivia questions and get physically challenged !


BRAINFIT GAMES LLC  established in 2021 during the COVID-19  pandemic is a gaming company that creates family fun games to make you MOVE AND THINK. TIP-OFF BASKETBALL is the first edition to our board game category. 


The concept is simple. Start by shaking the two dice provide, and let the game begin. The first person to score 21 points wins the game.The game has integrated players cards with five categories to choose from. Point values ranging from   2 to 5 points for each card.

1. Physical activity cards (example -  push-ups, jumping Jack's, and sit-ups etc +5 points) 

2. Sports questions (example - who wore the number 24 for the lakers +2 points)

3. Move to cards ( example - move two spots back or two spots forward) 

4. Ref cards (example -Tech foul - 4 points, turnover lose turn, charge - 2 points)

5. Hot shot cards - This is where you the player take a physical shot with the mini basketballs to try and score points in the mini hoops place on the game board. ( Each hot shot is +1 point each)


The game comes with score cards and basketball placement pieces to keep track of your score. You also have the option to play 1 on 1 or 5 on 5 with this option you can complete with family and friends to see who or what team will be the TIP-OFF BASKETBALL CHAMPION.  FOR AGES 6+